5 Tips to Keep Your Wine Cooler Working Smoothly

Like other household appliances, the wine cellar also requires periodic maintenance. As it plays an important role in the preservation and quality of wine, thorough cleaning is essential to preserve its longevity and proper functioning. Certain tasks are recommended during cleaning, while others are strongly discouraged in this context.

While we are often focused on the aging potential of our bottles, on the organization of our cellar, or the next bottle we are going to taste, prioritizing the maintenance of our wine cooler is part of the reflexes that we should all adopt.

Below are five tips to keep your wine cellars working smoothly.

1. Handle it Meticulously

A wine cabinet can hold very fragile bottles. Like “old people,” some bottles require much care when handled.

After unplugging the wine, try to remove the bottles as gently as possible and avoid exposure to light.

Do not forget to clean the accessories. Everything must be dusted with a sponge, a water … Read the rest